Game On!!


Good afternoon Team SOS!

The schedule for the season is out and we play 13 games this season.

We have 3 games this weekend…

Friday night 12/2:
-St. Patrick’s 2 @ 6pm in the SOS gym
(white jersey)

Saturday 12/3 Doubleheader:
-St. Gregory’s 2 @ 11am in the St. Gregory’s gym
(blue jersey)
-St. Mary’s 2 @ 4pm in the SOS gym
(white jersey)

-Pack both jerseys for all games

-Let me know if any of the girls will not be attending for the Wednesday 5:30p practice, the Thursday 6:15p practice or any of the games…This is important!

We are playing all 2nd level teams and we need to go 3 and OH this weekend, so we need a solid week of practice as well, since we missed last week due to the Tryptophan holiday.


-Have the girls practice dribbling with both hands while running down the driveway without looking, if possible.
-Practice establishing their pivot foot and faking a pass or a shot afterwards.

Additionally, PLEASE have the girls watch some basketball on TV (preferably NCAA) and focus on/talk about the following:

-Boxing out for rebounds
-Helping out on Defense when their teammates get beat
-Trying to slap the ball away or block a shot at every opportunity
-Faking before passing or shooting
-Protecting the ball with their body’s and arm’s while dribbling
-Looking to pass before dribbling
-Moving without the ball and setting picks for their teammates

I know that is a lot of info and homework for the girls, but every 5 minutes they give this week, will make a Huge difference in our quest for the 2016/2017 TCBL Championship.

Go Stars!